Erasmushiem, Leeuwarden

Location: Leeuwarden (NL)
Period: 2014
Architect: Frank Rutten
Architects office: Rutten/van der Weijden
Contractor: Jorritsma Bouw

Tiles with a recognisable character

Erasmushiem is a modern residential and care centre based on humanist principles.
Tiles with spirit and character that emphasise the human side of service and care were chosen for the interior of the new building.

In all, 60,000 Friesian whites were used for all the reception areas and lift halls. Furthermore, all signage lettering in the building was painted by our delftware artists.

Naturally a portrait of Erasmus, the renowned humanist and eponym of the building, could not be omitted.

Photography: Marieke Balk



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