Royal Goedewaagen

Royal Goedewaagen has been producing traditional pottery for over 400 years. This makes Royal Goedewaagen one of the oldest earthenware factories of Europe. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest production technologies result in the most innovative designs. Moreover, we do not limit ourselves to traditional Delft Blue, but are well-known for the production of the famous silhouette vases, the tulip tiles, miniatures and our ceramic cows as well. Up till today, the products are still handmade and hand-painted. Moreover, they are perfect as unique business gifts and perfectly suitable as loyalty programs.


Royal Goedewaagen has a rich history that starts in the year 1610. Throughout the years Goedewaagen acquired lots of expertise through acquiring different pottery factories. The latest acquisition took place in 2016 when the traditional tile factory Albarello was acquired. Goedewaagen grew tremendously during the 20th century and great assignments were obtained. For example, the famous KLM houses (1965-1995). In 1974 Goedewaagen moved its main location from Gouda to Nieuw-Buinen, where it is currently still located.


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Traditional Delft Blue earthenware from Royal Goedewaagen radiates emotion and nostalgia. Our high-quality Delft Blue collection is handcrafted, manufactured with most care and hand-painted in a centuries-old manner by our experienced craftsmen. Ever since 1610. Due to the use of similar patterns and colors the different traditional Delft Blue items all fit together perfectly. The collection varies from tableware and vases to traditional plates and other unique products.

Traditional Delft Blue earthenware from Royal Goedewaagen radiates emotion and nostalgia.


Royal Goedewaagen’s Gouds Plateel collections consists of the high gloss finished stoneware of the Art Nouveau series ‘Laila’, the intriguing Art Nouveau edition ‘Fiore’, the elegant ‘Amata’ items in Art Nouveau and the Art Deco series ‘Iris’. Moreover, the artistic movements Art Nouveau and Art Deco are known for its pioneering combination of industrial design and hand craftsmanship. Here, at Royal Goedewaagen, these Gouds Plateel collections vary from handcrafted vases and jugs to traditional plates and unique bowls.


Royal Goedewaagen is famous for its detailed and many Delft Blue and polychrome miniatures. Like no other business we shape miniatures of very different originals. The first Delft Blue miniature of a historic building was made in 1932. Since then, over 400 Delft Blue miniatures have been made for different customers worldwide. Take for example the KLM houses, the Sofitel Grand Hotel or the official UN building the Peace Palace.


Royal Goedewaagen creates tailor-made collections, which are crafted in a traditionally manner. For example, the creation of a custom made tableware collection. In the past, surprising collaborations, in which customers are being challenged to actively participate in the production process, have resulted in the most personal and tailor-made tableware collection. The ‘Architecten van Mourik are an example of this. They received a request to create a concept which represented UtrechtLab, a concept which facilitates and strengthens the role of a modern government.

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Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics Leeuwarden

Albarello and the Leeuwarden Ceramic Museum join hands.

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Woudagemaal, Lemmer

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Traptegels voor museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Een impressie van onze werkwijze.

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