400 Years of tradition

Old ceramic painters have been able to enthuse the younger generation for their profession and have passed on their knowhow passionately. This also holds true for the craft of tile making, which has been handed over to the younger generation over the past years. The more than 400 year old tradition is still being practiced with enthusiasm and passion by our ceramic painters and ceramists. Over time, Albarello has become a renowned tile factory focusing on four specialisations:


Custom work and reproduction of authentic tiles for walls, floors and facades.
Our tiles are made entirely in our own factory. This makes it possible to produce tiles, facing bricks and other defining building elements that fit in seamlessly with the original building materials. Of course it is very important to determine the original manufacturing methods. We do this by means of analysis and extensive testing. As a result, we have built up a unique knowhow in the field of restoration and renovation.


Albarello has been part of the Royal Goedewaagen group since 2016. This traditional business is one of the oldest earthenware factories in Europe and is already established in 1610. Royal Goedewaagen is well-known for its unique miniatures, silhouette vases, ceramic cows and the realization of custom made collections and other unique projects.

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‘Witjes’ - Dutch Whites

The so called ‘Witjes’ are made according to a 17th century recipe and are crafted in line with traditional manufacturing methods. Moreover, they are produced in wide range of colour nuances. The Frisian ‘Witje’ is a real classic! This product dates back to the first half of the 17th century. The ‘Witjes’ still have the original size of 13 x 13 centimetres and are about 8 millimetres thick. We use the old, original recipes and also develop new colour nuances.
In addition, we stock all sorts of related ceramic items in the same colour nuances, including edge trims and border tiles.

We are specialised in the field of restoration and have managed to build up a good reputation over the years.


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Albarello paints both classical and contemporary depictions in a centuries-old and traditional way. The four ceramic painters who work at Albarello, craft depictions on tiles and tile murals in an authentic and artisanal manner. The famous age-old Frisian and Dutch painting traditions are not only guaranteed at Albarello, but also in really good hands.


Contemporary ceramic wall coverings for which Albarello has developed special colours, glazes and clay recipes, all tailored towards modern interiors.
By experimenting with new colours, raw materials and other components, we have developed an exclusive product line for modern interiors. Within this product line we remain innovative and develop new glazes, colour recipes and tile shapes. Working in close contact with the customer or architect, we are able to execute exclusive designs.
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Highlighted Projects

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Traptegels voor museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Een impressie van onze werkwijze.

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