New house style

Albarello has recently adopted a new house style and logo. Both can already be seen on this new website and they will gradually be applied in more ways over the coming period. We are very pleased with the result and hope that you as our client will continue to recognise us.


We have developed a new tile line for the modern interior. Robust, rugged and with charcoal-style drawings: very new and that little bit different. We have already received a large number of positive reactions. Developments are always on the go at Albarello.

Letting go

We regularly receive requests for reproducing an old tile. As usual, we received a request over the phone. The tile in question is then sent to us and we can start finding out how this tile was made and how we can best reproduce it now. It becomes a little part of you, as it were. As a restorer, you […]

Lost monumental tableau made anew

We painted a replica of an original tableau for a client and owner of a farmhouse monument in Friesland, of which many original tableaux had been lost over the years. There is much documentation on monumental tableaux, as such the owner was able to discover which tableaux originally formed part of their farmhouse. The owner’s wish to return the tableaux […]