The architectural style of the beginning of the 20th century is popularly known as the 1930s style.


The extraordinarily artistic Art Deco and the Amsterdam School periods can also be grouped under the 1930s. Albarello has developed a line of tiles especially for this architecture style. The line is suitable for houses of this period (for instance, the Piet Zwart kitchen), but also for new build projects.


Art Deco is also popularly known as the 1930s style.


Besides the plain line, we also have tiles with glazes featuring various effects that were often used in the 1930s. In addition, there are tiles with patterns and decorated tableaux and tiles with decor, all in Art Deco style.


You can compose a pattern yourself, subtle or striking, using our diverse sizes and colours, such as crocus purple, lavender blue or sulphurous yellow.

Our collection also includes the ‘Pretzel’, which is an authentic floor tile in the Amsterdam School style that can be laid to form fantastic patterns. The Pretzel is available in different colours.


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